Cyclops Skull For Sale – Human Sized & Hand Finished


Hand-Made Cyclops Skull For Sale

Cyclops skull designed for a new German fantasy feature film. Human sized, hand finished and very detailed. Looks very disturbing on any bookshelf or desk!

The cyclops is a mythical creature from many beliefs and cultures across the world. The one-eyed humanoid creatures were made famous in classical Greek, Roman and Celtic mythology.

Modern researchers believe that the widespread belief in the cyclops comes from the mistaken identification of mammoth, hippo and elephant skulls in the early days of archaeology.

A notable appearance of the cyclops was in the 1950s film, “Sinbad” The stop-motion creature attacks the crew when they dock their ship on a remote island. This cyclops was the inspiration for the Skulls Direct cyclops skull replica.

This piece partners perfectly with other fantasy skull pieces, such as;

Cyclops Skull by Skulls Direct


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