Homo Heidelbergensis Skull – Life-Sized Replica of Homo Rhodesiensis


Homo Heidelbergensis Skull For Sale

Homo Heidelbergensis, also known as Homo Rhodesiensis, is an extinct species of the genus Homo that lived in Africa, Europe and Western Asia between 600,000 and 200,000 years ago. 

This is a life-sized replica of the famous 1908 discovery in a hand-painted weathered bone finish and is ideal for collectors as a display piece or ornament.

Can be partnered with our other homo sapien pieces in reference to the evolution of the human race. These pieces include; Human Skull Replicas, Jawless Human Skulls & Neanderthal Skulls.

Homo Rhodesiensis Skull by Skulls Direct

A great talking point, this historically accurate Heidelbergensis or Rhodesiensis is a great talking point for people with an appreciation for ancient history and the origins of Homo Sapiens.


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