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Dragon Man Denisovans Skull For Sale

Cast in robust “herculite” dental ceramic and finished by hand these LIFE SIZED Denisovan-style / Dragon Man replicas are of MUSEUM / FILM EFFECTS standard.

The so called Dragon Man joins a number of early human remains uncovered in China that have proven difficult to categorise. These include remains from Dali, Jinniushan, Hualongdong and the Xiahe jawbone from the Tibetan Plateau. The researchers named the new species Homo longi and gave it the nickname “Dragon Man,” for the Dragon River region of northeast China where the skull was discovered.

The team said that Homo longi, and not the Neanderthals, was the extinct human species mostly closely related to our own. The skull was originally found in 1933 by Chinese laborers building a bridge in Harbin, a northern Chinese city, during the Japanese occupation, researchers said. To prevent the skull from falling into Japanese hands, it was wrapped and hidden in an abandoned well. It was only rediscovered in 2018 when the old man who originally hid it told his grandson, shortly before his death.

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