Human Skull For Sale UK – Life Sized Human Skull Replica


Replica Human Skulls For Sale UK

The human skull is an iconic image in art and literature. From “Yo rick” in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” to works of fine art where the skull represents death, mortality and the unachievable nature of immortality and eternal life.

Skull replicas are extremely popular and have been incorporated into a huge range of designs and items including phone holders, bowls, cups, dice shakers, lamps and bowls.

This life-sized human skull model is a complete, very detailed, human skull reproduction with a removable lower jaw and detailed teeth.

See our Custom Products page for a few of the many modifications that can be made to this human skull model for specific requirements.

This piece is ideal for display as an ornament, decoration or prop and can be partnered with;

Human Skull Decoration Props by Skulls Direct


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